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We are the Baywood Owners Improvement Association (BOIA).  We are proud to support the homeowners of our lovely Baywood neighborhood in San Mateo, CA. We have redesigned our website to better share what is going on in Baywood and make our community stronger. You can also check us out on Facebook or

Nextdoor Baywood. 

We welcome and encourage you to become involved through our many events and projects, or by submitting stories and information for us to share with the rest of the community. 


Please feel free to contact us at  We encourage everyone in Baywood to get involved in BOIA! 

Your BOIA Board

Mark Grieco, President

Roger Oser, Vice President

Mike Nash, Vice President

Roger Dewes, Treasurer

Scott Long, Secretary

Lisa Diaz Nash, Communications Captain

Doug Goldberg, Baywood Islands Captain

Margaret Nieman, Baywood Historian

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Our mission is to enrich our Baywood neighborhood through civic representation, local initiatives, community involvement and a partnership with the City of San Mateo.


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